What Do NBA Players and Realtors Have In Common?

This morning, I spent some time pulling up old subfloor from the second floor of one of my rental houses that we are about a week away from having rented.  While I was switching between my favorite podcasts and my Demo-Day Playlist, an advertisement came up for the NBA Finals.  Weird, because the finals are already over and so is a Dynasty, but it got me thinking:

How much time do Steph or Kawhi spent in the gym just shooting around the week of the finals?  How many shots did they take, how many shots did they make?

So for you stat nerds here you go: Steph shot 41% and 34% from the 3 pointer. Kawhi shot 43%, 34% from the 3. From that, how many times have they practiced each and every one of those shots? Probably millions of times at this point.  

It is wild to think about people's perceptions about these truly special athletes.  Not only do they have some freak athletic talent that few in the world are ever born with, but they practice these moves, these shots, these defensive sets all day, every day.  Then people have the audacity to criticize a player for missing a last second near impossible shot?

I guess I can see it both ways, but nothing is perfect in this world, not even a Kawhi last second 3-pointer to get them to the finals.  For the performance, however, they want it to seem effortless and easy.  

The unbelievable amount of preparatory work and practice for these guys on the professional scene is beyond what most people can imagine.  So much work goes into every game.  This got me thinking about how it compares to Real Estate.  

It took me back about three months to first previewing this home.  Working out the comparable properties, and pricing models on purchase and eventual rental status.  What I could make per year on the house, and how much work, time, and money needed to go into the house to get it up to my rental portfolio standards.  All of that prep work to answer the one question of: “Should I buy this?” The answer was of course yes, which is why today I was soaked in sweat, moving old broken sub-flooring out to a dumpster in 90 degree weather.

 After the countless hours put in by my contractor, myself and my girlfriend, who is amazing, smart and beautiful, the tenants will take a quick look around, say they like it, and want to rent it for a year or more.


I am willing to stake my reputation on the fact that those tenants will not think twice about the time and effort that went into getting this house ready to be lived in.  All they see is a nice kitchen, a flat grassy back yard, and a new set of tile in the bathroom.  

It might drive some landlords mad to think about this little fact, but at the end of the day, I am glad my tenants don’t give it a second thought.  They pay for the right to have a blissfully unaware rental experience.  Hopefully during their rental stay nothing will break, no problems will be had, everyone will pay on time, and their move-out day will be quick to precede the next tenants' move in date.  

Taking a house from a cheap, poorly maintained house, to something a tenant is willing to pay top dollar for is something very similar to our Real Estate Career Philosophy on home selling.  I have to always laugh to myself when a client comments on how easy it was to sell or buy their house.  

The reason it is easy for our clients nowadays is because just like Steph or Kawhi, we missed shots.  A lot of shots.  Then we practiced, and practiced, and years later are still practicing. When we say to watch out for one thing or another while we are working together, it is because that thing has caused us sleepless nights in the past.  

It is impossible to anticipate ever move your offender makes when on defense, just like its impossible to predict everything that could go wrong with your home buying or selling process.  However we can mitigate the risk as much as humanly possible, but because of this practice.  

When we sell your house in three days.  It didn’t take us three days to sell your house.  It took our team 10 years and 3 days to sell your house.  

We want people to feel that this is effortless and easy.  We want them to see the glimmer of the confetti coming down and the bubbles in the champagne on closing day. We don’t want you to worry about the years of notes we have, the report we have built with other agents, that gave us the slight edge when your offer wasn’t quite as good as another, but that agent spoke highly of us.  We don’t want you to have to research whether its a good idea to buy in one area vs another, because we already have that information for you on what you can buy and where.  We don’t want you to get worried about inspections, because we have been there and seen it.  

It is a wonderful thing to put the time and effort in, so that you, at the end of the day can have a great transaction and enjoy your new home.  


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