So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It?

‘Why do we need a Realtor?’

As Realtors, we hear this question a lot, so we’ve gotten pretty used to it. Honestly, now we love to get this question. Why? Because we could talk for a long time about the ways that we add value in real estate transactions.

Being able to cook doesn’t make you a chef

Most of us can whip up an omelette for breakfast or man the grill at a family cookout. Cooking isn’t really that hard, and so long as nobody croaks you’ve technically done your job!

But if you walk in to any renowned Richmond restaurant, you’re saddling up for a whole new level of culinary excellence. Whether it’s the Roosevelt or Mamma Zu’s or Heritage, the experience is on a whole other level because they’ve spent so long perfecting their craft. Most successful chefs have spent years figuring out the perfect pairings and perfecting techniques that would likely land me in the hospital if I attempted them at home. (Have you been to a Hibachi restaurant recently?? Those knife tricks are not for the faint of heart!)

In essence, the difference between a backyard cookout steak and a steak at the Roosevelt is the difference between being a pro and an amateur.

And when those two steaks take the same amount of time to get from refrigerator to plate, it’s easy to assume that the process was easy.

People often make this assumption about real estate, as well. They think our jobs are easy, or better yet, they don’t know what we do and therefore assume we do nothing of value.

Being a real estate agent can look pretty simple, especially if you’re coming at it from the perspective of someone who has sat on either the buy or sell side of a closing table. But there’s so much that goes on behind the scene to make it appear as the deal came to a perfect conclusion in that office.

Can you be your own Realtor? Probably, sure.

Should you? We think probably not.

It’s not by chance that buyers and sellers arrive at closing thinking “that was easy!” As professionals, we’ve accrued experience and knowledge, often over a very long time, to make it appear as if it’s simple to buy or sell a home. We build up the information and knowledge day after day, year after year.

There’s so much to keep track of: values, trends, appraisals, incentives, geography, contract structure, marketing, data, analysis, competition, human nature, staging, design, construction, schools, zoning, finance, rental rates, law and negotiations (and yes, this is an abbreviated list.) And then you can’t forget technology, professional development, the broad spectrum of markets, the impact of legislation. It’s crazy.

We’ve honed our skills to handle the details and keep your transaction moving forward so your life isn’t put on hold every time you buy or sell a home. We’ve been through the process and experienced enough real estate weirdness to know how to handle just about any obstacle that comes up during a transaction.

That’s why we can’t say it loud enough. In real estate, when you go professional, you’re doing the smart thing, even when it looks like simple stuff.

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