Organizing Your Halloween Decor

Tricks (AND tips) or Treats!

With everyone talking about about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it certainly seems like Halloween is right around the corner! Are you dreading the idea of decorating this year? Organizing your decorations don’t have to be scary! Melisa from Abundance Organizing has broken down some tips to make decorating for this typically ghoul-ish holiday much more tolerable!

  • First, spend some time going through your decorations from past years and decide what you want to keep. Sort and categorize like items. For example, gather all of the costumes together in one place. If you like to decorate by room or area, make sure you collect all of those decorations in one place. For example, front door decorations, table decorations, etc.

  • Use clear storage bins for larger items or get into the holiday spirit with orange storage bins that have black lids.

  • Vacuum bags help reduce large costumes or plush items into a smaller surface area that make it much more efficient to store.

  • Clear trash bags can be used to contain decorative wreaths or larger props.

  • Light reels are extremely useful to keep your lights tangle-free and easy to unwind each year.

  • Do not keep batteries, flammable items or candles stored in bins in the attic or garage. Instead keep them stored in dry, cool places where they won’t melt or corrode.

  • Keep face paint tubes of fake blood in plastic bags within smaller storage bins to avoid spills and sticky messes.

  • Always label your bins so you know exactly what is in them! For example, “Halloween - Front Door Decor”

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