Neighborhood Spotlight: Westover Hills & Forest Hill

The Westover Hills/Forest Hill neighborhood is an amazing area that many people are attracted to. Proximity to everything… Smaller homes mixed in with giant homes… historic homes… We have it all…

“Having moved to the Forest Hill Park area from a fairly rural area, I so appreciate the proximity to Carytown – displaying its variety of interesting shops and eclectic array of restaurants. The restaurants, especially, provide wonderful opportunities to meet up with work colleagues informally as well as to just hang out for awhile with friends. An added bonus for me living in the neighborhood is being just two blocks away from the South of the James Market, an open-air souk (of sorts) with its wide selection of fresh-from-the-field produce along with other useful products such as eggs, cheese, wine, and baked goods. Most of the time, there are musicians of all kinds creating a pleasant atmosphere with their music.”

– Esther and Ted, residents since 2016

“We moved to Forest Hills Neighborhood almost 2 years ago, and this is such a great area. We walk to the South of the James Farmers Market every Saturday to stock up on veggies for the week and we have a favorite goat cheese stand and seafood stand. There are food trucks and vendors to meet any craving you might have. The market is just one of the great places we walk to, including the library, the drugstore, O’Toole’s, Little Nickel, Maldini’s and more. We can sit on the front porch and see neighbors walking or biking with their children or pets. People are friendly and stop to chat. My front porch is my favorite spot to sit and read or knit or bird watch. We both really enjoy this area!”

-Jean and Cley, residents since 2016

“We moved to the Westover Hills/Forest Hill area when we got married 14 years ago. I was living in Fredericksburg and Kent was living in Richmond. He scoped out the neighborhoods for what we might like… and this was it. Solid homes, solid community, walkability, parks, beautiful trees and mature landscaping. A lot has happened since we have been here. We’ve owned three homes in this neighborhood now. (Yes, I’m a realtor and when I get bored I buy a new house to put my touches on it.) We have wonderful restaurants and hang-out spots. (O’Toole’s, Little Nickel, Laura Lee’s. Crossroads, WPA, ZATA… we’re close to Once Upon a Vine, Target, and all the good stuff) We know all of our neighbors (and their dogs’ names). It’s a neighborhood that is as friendly as you want it to be. If you are an introverted person, nobody is going to bother you (but they still got your back). If you are an extroverted person, you’ll be invited to every cookout or celebration there is. Walk the trails, go to the river, eat until you get fat… That’s our neighborhood – and it is Jen and Kent Stamp approved!”

-Jen and Kent, residents since 2004

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