Neighborhood Spotlight: Church Hill

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

We quietly smile and laugh whenever we hear a Realtor, builder, or long time Richmonder say “Oh Church Hill, yeah, it’s a really up and coming neighborhood.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but it has already up and came. In the last 10 years we have seen a massive amount of renovation, innovation, and commercial push in the once quiet and understated neighborhood.

“The Church Hill neighborhood is rapidly expanding into Richmond’s most diverse neighborhood. From students to long time homeowners, Richmond’s oldest neighborhood is also now one one Richmond’s most bustling. I’ve lived up here for 13 years, and in that time my love for the beauty and feel of the neighborhood hasn’t abated. The homes are among the city’s best, the parks have wonderful views, and my favorite bars and restaurants are all within walking distance.”

– J.M.

“I remember living on 32nd and Leigh, renting a house with 3 other guys, fresh out of college, trying to scrape enough money together to go to the Fan and drink crappy beer with our friends who were able to afford Fan rental prices. Five years later, these friends were coming up the Hill to us to come to our amazing bars and restaurants. Now these same friends are deciding to settle down in Church Hill. They came for the food, and found the community. Dutch & Co, Roosevelt, and Metzgers were at the forefront of this movement and set the standard for Church Hill as a food power house. I really think this pushed many people into Church Hill that would never have come in the first place. The restaurants came, the people followed. The neighborhood became more popular and I would consider it a miniature Fan district now. MCV is only a five minute drive away, there is easy access to the highway, and pricing that is extremely competitive. When you think about all that is within Church Hill, it makes perfect sense as to why people are choosing Church Hill over the Fan and other comparable neighborhoods.”

– S. Andrews

“I have watched this neighborhood change drastically, in all of the right places, over the past decade. The charm and history remain, as do the picturesque views from the many parks that I frequent, yet there are so many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops within walking distance. Union Market is my favorite addition, giving us a much needed option for groceries, and delicious food and beer. I love that plenty of people are out and about at all times, further giving that sense of community. I just love it here!”

– C.D.

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