The Monument Ave 10K: Run, Observe, or Avoid Altogether?

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

In case you haven’t heard (you must have by now…), RVA’s Monument 10K race is approaching quickly, and the whole city is bracing itself. Whether you’re running, observing, or just planning your day around the traffic pile-ups, the Monument 10K impacts us all in one way or another, which means we’ve all learned to adjust and plan accordingly.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that running the race is not the only way to spend the day. All of us on the HomeSweetRVA team spend it a bit differently, and we thought we’d each share how we approach race day. (Pssst, only one of us actually runs it!!) 

“While the Monument 10K is an Awesome Richmond event, I try not to run unless something is chasing me or there is a glass of red wine in front of me. With that said, my husband and I frequently drive by all those early morning training groups on our way to brunch (on those few weekends when I’m not working with clients..) and we always pass slowly, politely refer to them as “overachievers”, and smile knowing we’re on our way to eat all the great food RVA has to offer instead!

So what will I be doing while the rest of Richmond is running? If I’m not out showing houses to my awesome clients, I’ll definitely have a mimosa in hand (it’s a Saturday morning after all!) and since our team member, Karina, is running in the race, we may take our excitement and enthusiasm down there and just cheer her on, as good co-workers do! Or we will just eat at one of our favorites: Millie’s Diner, Weezie’s Kitchen, O’Toole’s (great spot in our neighborhood to meet up with neighbors), The Mill on MacArthur, Laura Lee’s, the list goes on and on.

Karina is awesome, and we can’t wait for her – and for all of the RVA runners – to cross the finish line. Rock on you overachievers! Perhaps I’ll save a Mimosa for you – somewhere… Ya just gotta find me!”


“The 10k is one of the biggest Richmond events of the year. It brings so many people together, and (let’s be honest) gets a lot of us moving after the holidays! A lot of people that participate, including myself a few times, will start to train for it in January. I personally didn’t get a jump on it early enough, so I won’t be participating this year, but there is a ton to do, even if running isn’t in the cards for you.

I will likely convince my husband (which takes its own form of preparation), that we should grab our 3-year-old and our bikes and head down the boulevard to cheer on the runners for the morning. Begrudgingly, he will eventually agree. Come that Saturday morning, I will change my mind and avoid it at all costs, which he knows I will do (its the only reason that he agrees in the first place…) Instead, we will enjoy the less crowded than usual Richmond Saturday morning: We live in the Northside so we can just hop on 195, avoid the race traffic all together, and head to Ellwood Thompson for a juice and some breakfast before the runners finish and start piling into all the good breakfast spots! Then on to Maymont for a long walk through the beautiful park. After this, we will likely end up in Carytown for a coffee and a stroll, and maybe even a little shopping. Then home to make lunch and relax. This is my favorite kind of Saturday morning! So, if you’re not running or cheering someone on in the 10K, enjoy a stress free Saturday in Richmond.”


“I always joke with people that, as a true Richmonder, whenever something big comes to town I run and hide. Usually I try and go on a weekend camping trip with the pup and my girlfriend, but this year I will actually be in Harrisonburg for the weekend. I coach the VCU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team and our State tournament is being held at JMU, where we will compete against the likes of University of Richmond, UVA, William and Mary, JMU, Liberty and George Mason.

This is the second to last tournament of the year. If we do well, we will move on to the Regional Tournament that includes schools from Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, and South Carolina.

But for those of you still in Richmond, I suggest you dust off those running shoes, finish the race early, and enjoy a mimosa. Or, if you are like me, find your nearest large rock and crawl under it for the day and wait patiently for the madness to pass.”


“This will be my second year running the Monument 10K. I never had any interest in participating in a race before last year, when my husband signed up as part of a special for teachers. I knew his smugness would be unbearable if he finished a race and I didn’t, so I decided to run it as well!

As the weather started to warm up, we would train by running through Bryan Park. Watching the azaleas bloom during springtime proved to be one of my favorite parts of the whole experience.

Come race day, my only goal was to keep up a jogging pace. What I wasn’t expecting was the race day adrenaline, the energy of the crowd and fellow runners, and some healthy competition from my running partner to push me harder than I had since my days of high school field hockey.

In the end, I had a lot of fun running the Monument 10K and my husband and I both get to brag about finishing a race. I think we may have started a new Martinez family tradition and I can’t wait to join all of the amazing runners and spectators on Monument Avenue again this year!”


So there you have it folks! There’s more than one way to approach race day. After all, it’s one of Richmond’s most prized traditions – even if you celebrate by skipping town!

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