For We Are Grateful...

You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every year at this time we feel compelled to say "Thanks". Sometimes our gratitude goes unnoticed in the busyness of life. So, we wanted to take some time to share what we are thankful most during this time of reflection and appreciation.


Every year I dread when the spotlight lands on me at the dinner table, when it's my turn to answer this question. I always feel like I say the wrong answer because even though I know its coming, I'm on the spot and surrounded by a family full of different beliefs and ways of life.  It's kinda like the pageant girls who say they "wish for world peace" when asked what they would want if they had one wish.  Everyone wants world peace, it's a given, which makes it not a genuine answer in my opinion.  Anywho, all of that being said, when Scott suggested we do this, I was hesitant, but would never shut down an opportunity to stir up minds to think about what they are grateful for in this life.  We should all be thinking of this on the regular, not just at the Thanksgiving table.  So here goes, my best top 5, starting with the obvious of course...

Family! Hands down my loving and supportive husband of 8+ years along with my caring, funny, loving, energetic little 5 year old girl.  I also have a boy on the way in early February and if all of these kicks and squirms inside of my body are any indication, he'll be just as amazing as his big sister.   I love these three like I could love no other, and am so grateful for the privilege of being a mother and a wife.  Our health is an absolute on this list as well.  This one definitely goes without saying.  We are all healthy and happy.  This is huge, and is often taken for granted by most. I'm grateful for my job, my clients specifically because none of this would be possible without you. I am able to provide for my family, while helping people, and doing something that I truly enjoy.  I am grateful for nature and its ability to never cease to amaze me; the sunshine on my face, the cold brisk air that I feel on my skin this time of year, all of the beautiful colors and wonders that surround us at all times. We really are blessed.  There are a thousand more things that I'm grateful for, but these are the ones most present in my mind.  I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.


What am I thankful for? As much as I roll my eyes, or at least think about it, when I see what people are writing out what they are thankful for, this year I really do have a lot that I am thankful for.  

First and foremost, my beautiful girlfriend, Becca, who is absolutely amazing and without her I would be a mess of a human. I think everyone knows that she is my better half and trust me I know it.  I am forever thankful for my wonderful dog Bernie and the weird cat that we just adopted, Dino. She continues to kill every bird and snake that comes into our yard, and Bernie continues to stake his claim on my side of the couch when we are watching tv.  I am so grateful to be able to still coach, it keeps me young and pushes me to be a better person every day.  There are few things better than seeing these young adults turn into really phenomenal players and people.  I really hope that I can continue to have the time to volunteer and help them.  

Ok, now i will be a little sarcastic…because y’all know me and I am a bit of a Grouch.  I am thankful that since moving to Maymont, I haven’t said “Get off my lawn” to a single person.  I am thankful that I haven’t had to run a marathon, or train for one, because you people are nuts.  I haven’t gone to the watermelon festival in Carytown. Also I am thankful that a bunch of my friends haven’t had kids this year and the amount of baby photos is down substantially from last year.  


I try to think about gratitude most days but especially so this time of year as Thanksgiving approaches.  As the air becomes crisper, the reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and browns of fallen leaves cover the ground, daylight grows shorter, and comfort foods appear on my menu rotation more often, I find myself focusing even more so on gratitude.  I reflect on all of the positives I have in my life and on how truly fortunate I am to enjoy such sweetness.  I also ponder the silver linings and lessons learned from sour negative experiences I’ve encountered. I always find that the sweet vastly outweighs the sour. In this season of life, I am most grateful for:

Family - I have a super supportive family who always loves and support me no matter what. I know I can count on them for anything, including an occasional kick in the pants to get myself in gear.  I also have the sweetest sixteen-month-old nephew who is the apple of his auntie’s eye and has me wound tightly around his finger. He is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I love spending time with him watching him grow, learn, and experience this big world. 

My Fella - I have been blessed to find a partner who truly is my person. He loves me unconditionally, even when I go behind him to reorganize the dirty dishes in the dishwasher to suit me. He always has my back and supports me in my dreams and aspirations.  He brings balance and strength to the places in my life where I am weak.  He reminds me to slow down and embrace the moment. We have the best adventures and loads of laughter. 

Friendship - Over the years, many wonderful friends have come into my life.  Some of these friends have been around since kindergarten and others for a few months or less.  My knack for genuinely connecting with people has resulted in more than mere passing acquaintances.  I’m thankful for all the friends who’ve decided to join me on life’s journey. Despite the interference of the busyness of life and geographical distance with the ability to spend a large quantity of time with some of my friends, I am thankful that those obstacles never hinder the quality of my friendships.

Travel - I view life as an adventure, which has resulted in travel’s being a passion of mine. My family jokes that I was born with wheels on my butt because even as a baby, I was always eager to go.  As I grew older, any time someone started asking, “Do you want to go…?” my immediate answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” before they even had time to finish their question. Travel has long been a top priority for me whether it’s a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a grand trip to visit other countries and cultures. I am always plotting where my next adventure will be.

New Career - This will be my first Thanksgiving as a realtor, and I am extremely thankful for that.  For the last two decades, my career was primarily teaching high school students English. I knew it was time to switch things up, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. As I explored many options, real estate kept creeping up over and over.  I met with a few friends in the business to chat about the industry and researched what it would take for me to become licensed. It has been a great fit for me. I love the variety of what I do as an agent, and I love working with my clients through such an important, exciting, and at times, a stressful life event. 

I hope you too will find some time to reflect on the big and small blessings in your life. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! Find joy and comfort in your family and friends and of course, get your eatin' pants on!

Thankful for you,

Karen, Scott, and Jess

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