Five Tips to Surviving the Carytown Watermelon Festival

I asked around town to get Richmonders’ hacks on the Watermelon Festival. People are very opinionated on the subject. So I’m probably not going to make friends with this one…

Bring a hat and your sunglasses.

The weather never quite cooperates with us in August. Without fail, the day of the Watermelon Festival always ends up being the hottest and most humid day of the year. Not a cloud in the sky, and no shade to be found. Your hat and sunglasses are not for sun protection, but to be used to shield friends from seeing your face literally melting off in the heat.

Hydrate like you are training for a marathon.

Two to three days before the festival, start consuming water like a world class marathoner training for her hardest race of the season. Like most people, we refuse to spend 3 dollars on a bottle of water and instead would pay 11 dollars to drink the watermelon cocktails everyone seems to like…but really aren’t that good.

Uber to Carytown.

Parking is impossible. Don’t drink and drive. Uber and Lyft are the responsible way to get around town these days.

Don’t be afraid to go into shops just for the A/C.

Look here, Mongrel…I spend way too much every time I go into your beautiful store. Just let me look around for 20 mins while I contemplate why I do this to myself every year.

Go to Kroger, buy a watermelon and invite people to your house instead.

Home Sweet Home! The A/C is set to a wonderful 72 degrees. The grill on the back porch is ready for burgers and dogs and the kitchen is full of friends.

You should absolutely go to the Watermelon Festival at least once if you live in or visit Richmond. But after that, maybe leave it to the tourists.


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