Easy to Find Products for the Not-So-Easy Task of Organizing

Organizing does not come easily to everyone. Thankfully these products are easy to find, easy to implement, and can make a very big impact in your daily life.

  1. Small closets are common in older homes. A fast and easy solution is to use slim velvet hangers. They are more slender than plastic hangers so they save space. Clothes won’t slip off onto the floor so your clothes and closet look like a million bucks.

  2. Use a rod doubler and literally double your hanging space. Hang shorts, skirts, and folded pants on the bottom and tops, cardigans and jackets on top. Rod doublers adjust to various widths so you can truly maximize the space you have. Wouldn’t it be amazing to open a cabinet and see everything you have? Turntables are the answer. They work well in the kitchen for spices, condiments, oils and vinegars. Try them in the laundry room for detergents and cleaning supplies and even the bathroom for makeup products and lotions.

  3. Make your junk drawer less junky by using drawer organizers. Keep pens, pencils, tape, rulers, scissors, and other common junk drawer items sorted. They’re also great in the office, in the kitchen, and bathroom. Drawer organizers are so versatile you can pimp out any space and find everything you need quickly.

  4. If you hate dealing with paper, create a system using a desktop filer, a shred bin and a trash bin. Place them close to where you receive or open your daily mail. Use the desktop filer for important papers, bills that need to be paid, or tasks requiring action. Toss the envelopes in the trash bin. Toss documents with sensitive information into the shred bin. In 5 minutes your paper piles will be gone.

  5. Clear plastic storage bins are a classic organizing solution. They come in a multitude of sizes which makes them perfect for the basement, garage, and attic. They keep items free of dust, you can easily see what’s inside, and they are stackable. Smaller sized bins are great for items like batteries, small tools, small light bulbs, nails and screws and so much more.

Melisa is an organizing consultant with Abundance Organizing, a professional organizing company based in Richmond, VA. Their mission is to compassionately support clients through change. Working within a client’s home, they partner with the client to find organizing solutions that best fit their needs.

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Resource List:

1. Black velvet hangers

2. Rod Doubler

3. Turn Tables/Lazy Susans

4. Drawer Organizers

5. Desktop Filer

6. Clear Storage Bins

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